Rangée d’arbres

Magnetized by the vibrancy of the colors and form of the landscape surrounding my hometown i breathe and evolve as part of it. I become one with the vision surrounding me, being part of the structure of the land. Grounded deep within the earth as the olive tree, i too strive for the freedom of the moonlit silver leaves. Painting the landscape becomes a fascination parallel to nothing else. colors never explored before flow freely from the deepest part of my soul reaching maximum saturation on the canvas. Exploration of the “motif” transforms my handwriting, carefully aware of letting go. This collection was painted over a short period of time, on one of my trips back to France, dedicated to painting. I took a drive in the inland countryside to Castellane before i left France to live in California. The landscape i had avoided painting for so long suddenly opened my eyes. I saw what i had chosen not to see.