Painting the landscape and the seascape becomes a fascination parallel to nothing else. Colors never explored before flow freely from the deepest part of my soul reaching maximum saturation on the canvas. Exploration of the abstraction of simplified forms and colours allow me to tell a different story. I am a French-American painter. Individuals throughout the world collect my work.  I now share my time between, Laguna Beach CA, New York and Vence in the south of France.  I organise Art, Yoga and Elemental workshops where individuals step out of their daily life to explore their creative side. 

What is a statement of one’s work? If it isn’t a statement of one’s life. I paint I write.  Each piece I paint tells its own story. It is made at a certain time in my life and therefore Will be different from any other painting. The medium I prefer is oil for it allows for translucency and magic to happen deep within the painting. Many different artists have contributed in shaping the person I am now:  Sylvia Braverman, Franta, Gui Lessin, Bob Willoughby, William Quinn and Hanne Brenken. Each has played and essential role in my life and as everyday unfolds I greet the unknown with awe. But, what has really shaped my life and my painting is the relationship to life itself. The people I love. The rest is not important apart from the colors our world is made off and that I crave to transcribe.

As Picasso said: “All things considered, there is only Matisse!”